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A dough dam filled with fragrant and healing herbal-infused oil is placed over the third eye with the intent to improve sensory functioning. It is ideal for clients suffering from headaches, disorientation, depression, OCD, memory loss, , glaucoma, or sinus troubles.
Third Eye Bastis are traditionally used to treat:
• Poor sensory function
• Headaches or migraines
• Depression
• Memory loss
• Glaucoma
• Disorientation
• Sinus issues including allergies
What to Expect During Basti Treatments:
1) Expect the appointment to take forty-five minutes for treatment.
2) Exact treatment procedures will vary depending on the Basti requested and you may or may not be asked to disrobe.
3) Skin will be prepped with an herbal transdermal cream.
4) The Basti (dough dam) will be prepared and placed on the location of choice.
5) Medicinal oils will be poured and contained within the dam for approximately twenty minutes.
6) While the beneficial oils and herbs are soaking in, additional treatments such as Sound Therapy, Marma Therapy, etc may be added on.
7) After the dough dam and oils are removed, you will be offered refreshment such as a signature tea.