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PediKarma™ is sweeping people off their feet. Inspired by the Indian foot massage treatment called Kansa Vataki and the Padaprakshalana ceremony in which the feet are respectfully and loving bathed as an acknowledgment of the beauty and goodness that is our true nature,PediKara is reflexology with an Ayurvdic Twist. It is based on the notion that each of the body’s systems corresponds to a spot on the feet, where healing begins.

Your feet first soak in a warm bath laced with mineral salts and tridoshic oils, good for kapha, pitta, and vata – all three Ayurvedic body types. Then, a reflexology marma-point massage promises to rejuvenate you from the bottom up. Then comes the magic of Kansa Vataki; a small metal bowl, to “relax and energetically re-balance the entire mind-body system,” according to creators Robert and Melanie Sachs of Diamond Way Ayurveda. Reflexology with the Kansa bowl is said to draw heat, acidity, and the negative energy away from the body. After, your feet are wrapped in warm towels for a short rest and an application of herbal powder that is sprinkled on.

You will definitely walk out with your best feet forward!

Who benefits from Receiving PediKarma™?
• People who feel more busy that they want to be
• Anyone who feels stress or anxious
• Individuals who stand for long periods of time
• People who work at or around computers or strong electro-magnetic energies frequently
• Anyone with signs of extra heat, such as…red, itchy eyes; eye strain; redness in the face; hot flashes; irritability or unpredictable temper
• Anyone who experiences difficulty sleeping

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